Rosanna Lyons
The beauty of flesh, sinews, veins and the landscape of the human form are what excite me.
Curves, heft, intense colour and exaggeration of line....contrasting textures; fabric, water, wood.... against skin......

I use digital photography to create unusual angles which I then play with in photoshop until I have created something visually interesting to me. I then bring it all together on canvas, keeping the original images secret to all but myself.
I play with contrast, colour, with twisting flesh and perspective.
I need to use strong, often undiluted colour, exaggerating and heightening reality.
My influences come from classical painting and sculpture, my own experience in hand drawn effects animation and the rawness of the body....bringing a kind of dramatic beauty and dignity to simple imagery.

Ballet has become an influence more recently after I rediscovered my childhood love of dance and returned to classes. I have since taken to painting dancers ...the pain behind the beauty...