During this time of isolation and trauma, I was gifted one model; my husband, Aaron, who is a deep thinker; intelligent, sensitive and emotional.
I took a series of photos of him with strong lighting, to use as inspiration for my artworks, as he pondered the political and racial issues of today. I wanted to reach in and capture what I could of his pain and confusion, depression... and also hope. As a white woman, originally from Ireland, I tried humbly, to capture something of which I can understand little, but feel immensely empathetic towards. Sometimes, for this project, the painting needed to remain somewhat rough, to capture the feelings I observed. Sometimes more detail was required.
Aaron is of mixed race and often feels isolated... not quite completely part of any community and at the same time part of all groups.
I also wanted to convey his strength, power and beauty, as he feels the weight of the world on his shoulders and to show the isolation we are all feeling at this time; closed in, boxed in and looking inward at our lives.